Weekly Favorites: 11.6.15

My lovelies,

This week was such a blur! I feel like as a student, especially, there are never enough hours in the day or days in the week. Can you believe we are in November? I mean Christmas is next month! Anyways, as usual I present to you some of the top things I had been loving this week. (Though I am not going to lie, coming up with this week’s list was rather hard and my dearest apologies for being a day late).

  1. Dog covers sleeping baby: Are you having a bad day? Do you need something to cheer you up? This video of a dog covering a baby with a blanket is sure to warm the heart of even the most cold hearted person.
  2. College Bucket List: Everyone always wants to live up their college years. It’s really the final four years where you can still sort of get away with doing crazy “ish”. This list however is so on point in terms of some useful and fun things to check off before graduating college.
  3. Oreo Delight With Chocolate Pudding: Every since I got an apartment I feel an obligation to cook, I tried then failed miserably ;(. However, baking is something I was rather good at on the first try, so I figured why not perfect my baking skills first? Plus, the season to bake is upon us! This Oreo delight treat looks easy and super yummy.
  4. 2016 Disney Calendar: I am a huge calendar, planners and list person. If it weren’t for these, the amount of things I would forget would be un countable. Therefore, when the new year starts I really want this Disney calendar,it looks super cute and useful.
  5. Beauty Blender: I have heard endless raves about these and I currently use an unofficial one, which does a wonderful job.



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