Reflection of 2015

Hello lovelies,

Page 365 of 365.

Isn’t that crazy? I know I say this at the end of every year, but 2015 is surely one that flew by in a wink. This was probably one of my best years after a really long time and definitely one where I got to grow and learn even more.

So I figured why not join others in saying some major highlights of this year. I hope you read on and enjoy, feel free to tell me some of your favorite moments from this year too!


  1. Arangetram: This is basically the Indian classical dance graduation and people Four days a week right after school ended, I literally ran out of class hopped into the car and drove straight to an hour long dance practice. Then there were seven hour rehearsals with the live band and then of course the actual three hour dance performance. There were ups and downs but on June 20th,2015 I successfully finished my bharathanatyam arangetram!!Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 6.14.12 PM.png
  2. High School graduation: This was it, we were finally out      of the county school system and done with free education and textbooks ;(. It was a surreal and extremely bittersweet experience but aye class of 2015, we made it!!Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 6.14.54 PM.png
  3. College: Wowwee it was just one thing after the next. Before I knew it  I was packing things into boxes to move into my apartment and college. So far it has been a great experience (with its moments), but it has been fantastic and best of all? I think I know what I want to major in hallelujah!Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 6.17.52 PM
  4. Friends: This is definitely one thing I am really proud of myself this year, going out and making plans with friends. Whether it be walks along the trail, or planning lunch dates during free time in college, or planning holiday parties (above), I definitely learned how to stay social and interactive with people despite distances. Not to mention making some new friends in college as well.Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 6.25.17 PM.png
  5. Blogging:  When I switched my blog domains I was so much happier, a lot of you actually commented on posts or liked them which honestly means so much. Not to mention I started to take blogging more seriously and I love it!

So here were some of my major highlights of 2015. Here’s to a more joyous and prosperous New Year for everyone! Happy 2016, my lovelies.




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