A Reflection



Hello lovelies,

Now often times on here I don’t like to post too much about myself because I assume well who really cares what I am doing? However, today is my first official day of summer vacation, yup, my freshmen year of college is over and honestly, where did it go? I feel just yesterday I was finishing my arangetram, moving into my apartment, excited to meet and greet new people.

Now my freshman year did not exactly go as planned but it definitely was a year where I was able to self improve and learn new things. Stick along if you want to see what I mean.

  1. I learned to live on my own: Unlike a lot of our other friends me and my one other friend chose to get a 4 suite apartment complete with our own bathrooms. Needless to say a huge luxury from the nasty (no offense) dorms on campus. This meant making sure I woke myself up, fed myself basically functioned all on my own without the guidance of mother dearest. Needless to say I think it went well, considering I am sitting here in front of you writing this post.
  2. Cook food: Now before I start, let me just inform you that I was deathly afraid of fire (and the stove) until the end of August (AKA right before I moved in). Yet I overcame my fear and managed to create the following-> boxed mac and cheese, cheese quesadilla, basic pasta, grilled cheese, veggie patty sandwich. Again you may laugh but to me this was a great accomplishment.
  3. Drink more water: Folks, my water intake went from a 0.5 to a solid 9, if thats not an accomplishment IDK what is.
  4. Cleaning: No offense, but I gained some major wifey points if we combine this with my basic food cooking skills. Despite the fact that I was in an apartment I didn’t let my cleaning habits go, obviously I cleaned my room and bathroom but in addition? The common kitchen and common giving room. In fact, I cleaned it to the point where it looked like someone waved a very magical, cleaning spell over the place (just saying)  #wifeystatus
  5. Trying out for everything: Granted I made it into only half a thing, but unlike high school I tried out for everything right off the bat. Every dance team, every organization, every internship.
  6. Make new friends: Now I may not have gotten the ride or die squad I wanted this year. But I do strongly believe I was able to find my 2-3 ride or die friends and I couldn’t be happier.
  7. Learn to not be as scared: Now I have my moments but whether it be minor things like finding my class on a large campus or sneaking into the stadium at night Im beginning to get a tad bit more adventurous.




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