How To Makeup: Part 1


Hello lovelies,

As I have mentioned many times before my hunger to learn more about makeup has been growing these past couple months, so whether it be watching tons and tons of makeup tutorials over and over again or obsessively adding things to my Sephora basket, you can say I’m slowly preparing myself to turn into a beauty junkie.

However, although I LOVE watching tutorials, I always thought that there could be something better that I could be doing or that just watching videos wasn’t helping my makeup inept self. WRONG. In the past couple months my makeup skills have improved so much that it is insanity, as I post more parts to this “series” I will add pictures as well so that you can see the difference.

Meanwhile if you are on square 1 like I once was, here are some steps you can take to get started on “how to makeup” yourself.

  1. Watching YouTube videos: especially watching videos over and over again really helps to put into perspective how to do certain techniques like blending eyeshadows, making a wing liner,using a beauty blender,etc.
  2. Save don’t splurge: If you’re just starting out with makeup as a COMPLETE novice go ahead, whip out some coupons and head out to the drugstore to start your initial collection. Drugstores carry some of the best quality makeup brands and its a great way to save. Some of my favorite drugstore brands are Maybelline (especially for eye products) and Neutrogena.
  3. Do your research: Search up which brands work best for your skin type, which won’t cause a reaction,etc.
  4. Invest wisely in the “bones”: Once you think you have a relatively good handle on how to go about, only buy what is necessary. If you feel you are more comfortable with a beauty blender, just buy a cheap two pack of those.
  5. Practice: One of the funnest things to do is practice makeup. If you’re bored and just lying on the couch why not grabbing that makeup bag and trying a couple different looks. Not only is it fun but it helps set your hand for when you actually need it.

Until next time!



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