How To Makeup: Part 2


Hello lovelies,

“Invest in the bones”, its a term we hear a whole lot, whether that be in terms of actual investments, your closet or makeup. However, it can be hard finding “the bones” of makeup especially with so much variety out there in both high end products and drug store brands.

Well, never fear because this post is here! All the products mentioned are ones that I use and simply can not live without, whether it be high end brands or drugstore products this is the list I have thus far of makeup every beauty lover should have in their bag.

  1. Naked Foundation: Amazing coverage, long lasting, easy to use…what more does on need? In fact, this is the only foundation I have at the moment and I don’t see any reason to change it anytime soon. If you’re looking for a foundation splurge on this one!
  2. Maybelline Kajal Eyeliner: The pigmentation on this was dark as anything, it worked wonderfully on both my waterline and upper eyelid. Definitely a cheap buy,but a good one!
  3. Naked 2 palette: If you’re looking for neutral, light shades this Naked 2 palette if exactly what you need. These shades are perfect for a night out or a casual meeting during the day.
  4. Maybelline Studio Creme Eyeliner: For me Maybelline is the drugstore brand that SLAYS in eye makeup. This creme eyeliner is no exception, once again darkly pigmented, easy to use and perfect for dramatic cat eyes or simple lined eyes.
  5. Sephora Palette: The variety of colorful eyeshadows in this is beyonf amazing. The palette has everything from neutral,gold shades to electric blues and dark purples. Plus the colors are really long lasting, especially when used with primer. The blushes and lip colors are an added bonus. The lip colors are perfect to give yourself an even bolder look.
  6. Stila liquid lipstick: Paraben-free, sulfate -free, uber pigmented and long lasting with a large variety of colors. What more needs to be said?

Here are all the “bones” that I currently have in my makeup bag and can’t live without. Here’s to hoping you’ll find something that you like too!





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