Revlon Color Stay Blemish Concealer


Hello lovelies,

Today I have some quick words for you on the REVLON Colorstay Blemish Concealer. I own the shade in medium as that matches my skin tone best.

Now I double use this concealer as a primer, highlighter and blemish concealer.

Some pros of this are it is extremely easy to use because of the thin wand applicator. I love how I can reach the tiny nook and cranny under my eyes without poking them out. Second, the concealer actually does the most epic job of making the areas you highlight more accentuated and lifted. Last, is its job as a primer (which is the very reason why I first used it). If you put this on as an eyeshadow primer, you can go to a club, dance for hours on end without a care for your eyeshadow because it will not come off (and trust me this has been Shreya tested). There is honestly no use buying hella expensive designer primer when this can be found at a much cheaper price at any drug store.

My only con with this is it does seem to dry rather quickly once you put it on your face so you really have to make sure to have the sponge right on hand to blend,blend,blend. Also, this is not the most easiest formula to blend out either.

Either way none of my makeup gets applied without this and especially if you’re a beginner with makeup looking for cheap primer that multitasks, I would buy this one!



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