How To Makeup: Part 1


Hello lovelies,

As I have mentioned many times before my hunger to learn more about makeup has been growing these past couple months, so whether it be watching tons and tons of makeup tutorials over and over again or obsessively adding things to my Sephora basket, you can say I’m slowly preparing myself to turn into a beauty junkie.

However, although I LOVE watching tutorials, I always thought that there could be something better that I could be doing or that just watching videos wasn’t helping my makeup inept self. WRONG. In the past couple months my makeup skills have improved so much that it is insanity, as I post more parts to this “series” I will add pictures as well so that you can see the difference.

Meanwhile if you are on square 1 like I once was, here are some steps you can take to get started on “how to makeup” yourself.

  1. Watching YouTube videos: especially watching videos over and over again really helps to put into perspective how to do certain techniques like blending eyeshadows, making a wing liner,using a beauty blender,etc.
  2. Save don’t splurge: If you’re just starting out with makeup as a COMPLETE novice go ahead, whip out some coupons and head out to the drugstore to start your initial collection. Drugstores carry some of the best quality makeup brands and its a great way to save. Some of my favorite drugstore brands are Maybelline (especially for eye products) and Neutrogena.
  3. Do your research: Search up which brands work best for your skin type, which won’t cause a reaction,etc.
  4. Invest wisely in the “bones”: Once you think you have a relatively good handle on how to go about, only buy what is necessary. If you feel you are more comfortable with a beauty blender, just buy a cheap two pack of those.
  5. Practice: One of the funnest things to do is practice makeup. If you’re bored and just lying on the couch why not grabbing that makeup bag and trying a couple different looks. Not only is it fun but it helps set your hand for when you actually need it.

Until next time!



Managing Stress


Hello lovelies,

Now here in the land of my college: final exams are in full swing, the campus is deserted but libraries are packed, in all the trash cans piles of energy drinks are mounted and the stress is so thick you can cut through it with air. So whether your in a final exam rut or just being blown away by the stress of life, here are some ways I deal with stress.

  1. Write it out: Perhaps my most favorite and effective thing to do. Keep a journal and don’t keep anything bottled up. Plus, just keep writing continuously for five minutes about any fears, apprehensions that come to mind.
  2. Walk: Take a walk outside and get a breath of fresh air. Often what students especially tend to do is lock themselves in a room with textbooks and papers and just go at it. Getting fresh air really helps to clear and declutter your mind.
  3. Stretch: Honestly stress has adverse effects on our body perhaps even worse then we could imagine. For me it just feels like stress settles like a pile of heavy bricks onto my shoulders and neck. If you get tired of reading a textbook or notice or notice you’ve flipped through 3 pages and haven’t had a clue what you read then strech your body. These are some especially good ones that I like.
  4. Drink tea: Coffee is all we ever want in dark times like these, but seriously how jittery  and hyperactive does coffee make us? Skip over the coffee and reach for a tea bag instead.
  5. Rewad yourself: For every small accomplishment (finishing a chapter, writing page of notes) reward yourself, go get an ice cream, watch Netflix for an hour,etc.

These are the tips I follow through with when the stress comes through, I hope you find them just as helpful as I do!


APRIL Fool’s

Hello lovelies,

My,my,my we are finally in April. You know what is really trippy about that? It’s the season where the weather legitimately gets warmer, there are beautiful (but sometimes) rainy showers and everything comes back to life after resting for a long time.

Spring is the perfect time to rejuvenate yourself inside and out. With the end of winter and cold spring days, should come the end of sluggish times. I know that totally applies to me hehe! So what should one do to feel so fresh you might ask?

  1. Spring cleaning: I belong to that one species in the world that actually likes to clean…but spring cleaning is such a common thing everyone should do. SCOUR through your house, anything you have not used in six months or longer? In the trash.
  2. Closet cleaning: Now not much more different than the previous, but I think safe to say a lot more funner, especially if you do not clean out your closet every so often and have a pile of “I’ll wear it eventually” clothes. Donate them, sell them repurpose them but get them out! The best part about if you get rid of stuff? You can buy strong replacements.
  3. Start a face mask routine: Now when the cold season sets in putting on face masks is off. However, when the hot, humid weather sets in, there is nothing better than giving yourself 20 minutes with a refreshing face mask.

Well that is all for now, I promise soon I will be back with more exciting material 🙂


Work Hard,Play Hard

Hello lovelies,

So I know I usually save posts like these for Wednesdays, however seeing as Wednesday has already past I decided to post this now.

As much as I love writing about makeup and products it can be tiring at times because, it gets repetitive and mundane. Therefore, I love doing these little “weekly wise columns”.

Today’s is about goals and life. Being in college I still have the liberty to live it up and do some shenanigans and manage to get away with it. At the same time, college is uber stressful because it actually does set the course for the rest of your life.

No matter what you do in life just make sure you are happy and living comfortably. Don’t let anyone get in the way of your goals. Yes, there will be many times where people won’t support you, where people will think what you are doing is stupid, but you must never let anything get in the way of your success no matter what. Keep blowing your own horn and prove people wrong 🙂


Valentine’s Day



Hello lovelies,

First off, I can not believe February is here and almost halfway gone, it seems like the days are flying by and I can barely notice it!

Anyways, in the light of Valentine’s Day being tomorrow, I have decided to talk to you guys today about love.

Now unlike (or like) many girls my age I have no bae and though I too have wishes that one day someone will get me the generic flowers and a bear for the 14th, I am satisfied at the moment. Had you asked me one or two years ago what I thought about February 14th I would have responded with the very bitter response of ” I hate Valentine’s Day” or “Valentine’s Day is stupid”. Yet I have come to learn you don’t need a bae to celebrate the day, all you need is love (yes I know, that sentence was so cliche… I very nearly gagged myself, but it’s true).

In our time we believe that love can only be expressed through expensive Pandora charms, flowers, giant teddy bears and is only a day for the bfs and gfs to display their cuteness on instagram,etc. But it is not.

Love is expressed through the small things that we can’t even notice, things that are said to us every day and might seem minor but hold so much meaning (“call me when you get there”,”is everything okay?” “how did it go?”). It’s when you help someone and hear them out in a time of need. It’s when you don’t abandon someone at the time they need you most.

You can find love everywhere not just among baes and not just on the 14th, look at your family, your friends, heck, it’s even safe to say look at your dog. Though we may get into a tiff with them sometimes it’s fair to say family and friends always have our back, so be sure to celebrate and spread the love with them too.

Enjoy this fave quote of mine from Bob Marley, I feel it sums up everything about love so perfectly. Happy Valentine’s Day in advance!





Hello lovelies,

Now that school is getting closer to opening I have been keeping better track of my days and my dates.  Why  is that relevant you may ask? Why because I remembered that today is a Wednesday aka its time for a “Wise Wednesday.”

So patience…”patience is a virtue.” It’s a very cliche,possibly extremely overused phrase. However, it’s relevance in today’s time is pretty major.

I mean let’s be real how often do we see people absolutely losing it over the smallest of things. Whether it be that brat in a store line cursing out the cash register, impatient drivers on the road, airline security in the airport,etc.

Lovelies you got to be patient for a number of reasons. First off, what goes around comes around. If you a brat to someone eventually someone gonna be a brat to you. (Let’s be real). Second off, you never know what is going on in that person’s life, you don’t know if someone in their family just died, if they just got fired from their job, someone was mean to them or if they had a break up (the possibilities are endless).

All in all. Patience is something which helps in the long run and it connected greatly with what goes around. Another thing to think about…has being impatient really gotten anyone far?



Make It Your Time


Hello lovelies,

It is Wednesday and I figured it has been a while since I posted any installment of a Wise Wednesday so why not now?

During the start of the New Year we always see people make resolutions, these can range from the super generic “I will eat healthier” to the not so generic types of “I will take more pictures.” However, I also tend to see that as soon as people don’t get immediate results they resort to the ole “let’s look at other people living better lives and complain about how mine isn’t any better.” -_- Well lovelies, the last time I checked getting jealous and being a couch potato never got anyone what they wanted.

So what am I saying? Life is more in our hands than we ever thought, you can literally do anything at any given moment. You wanna travel? Start a gofundme, get a job, save up money, book a ticket and go. You wanna be a popular blogger? Well start a blog, post whatever your heart wishes and keep going. For goodness sakes do you want a boyfriend? Well meet people, do some searching, go out more.

All in all 2016 is a year where I have begun to see changes, I see more tweets and posts on how people are determined to make 2016 their year and how they will make something out of it.

Lovelies, I think we should all try to do that. Kick those addictions,travel, get a job, make money, fall in love, dance like no one’s watching, sing at the top of your lungs. It’s your life and you got this.


Give Thanks



Hello my lovelies,

Given that today is Thanksgiving I thought it was only apt to write about being thankful for everything we have (generic, I know, my dearest apologies).

We are always going to be ungrateful for something-whether it is about how something turned out, something we can not have,etc. But how often do we give thanks for the smallest of small things that others can only dream about? Food, shelter, education, friends, health-luxuries like shopping,owning a car, being able to go out by yourself whenever you want.

I know for a fact that I am thankful for all the things mentioned above AND you guys who read my blog and motivate me to keep on writing!!

So not only this Thanksgiving but everyday be thankful for the things that get your through your day and be sure to remember and help those who are not as fortunate.

Happy Thanksgiving!



Making Time for the Small Things



Hello lovelies,

“I’m busy” this is the default phrase that comes out of the mouth of many people in today’s time. However, it makes sense, no matter what there are always projects to do, work to get done, deadlines to meet,etc. However, what if due to our “business” we are missing out on life, seriously?

Being in college there is always However, I feel one too many students uses “work” as and excuse to stay cooped up in their room and not socialize.

Especially in today’s time life is very,very,very unexpected- you never know what may happen when. You need to make time to get out and have lunch dates with people, have a pamper evening to yourself, enjoy some hobbies, travel and see the world!




Diwali-The Festival of Lights


Hello my lovelies,

As many of you may or may not know, Hindus around the world today are celebrating the auspicious holiday Diwali, meaning the festival of lights. It is a time when everyone is wearing new clothing, hanging out with family and eating tons of sweets. It is meant to be a time filled with lights and joy.

Diwali (or some may call it Deepvali) is a holiday where we literally illuminate our houses and streets with lights, lamps and fireworks but symbolically, it is meant to show that we need to dispell darkness from ourselves as well.

Now I don’t mean to get all deep and mystical but it is true. Too often we are caught up in what other people are doing, numerous times during the day (unknowingly and knowingly) we gossip and bad mouth about numerous people. Somewhere this really effects us-we are always comparing ourselves to others and therefore are never satisfied, you know what they say. We always want what we can’t have.

Dispelling “darkness” from ourselves basically means cleaning yourself from any negative vibes and only taking in positive juju.

  1. Don’t be afraid to compliment someone but do it with true intentions
  2. Never be afraid to go out of the way for someone-if they are having a bad day make them a card, slip them a sticky note with some good thoughts, heck make them lunch…it all makes a difference
  3. Don’t gossip about anyone

In the midst of Diwali facts, good vibes only advice and other mixture of things, I hope you were able to take something away from this post 🙂