Revlon Color Stay Blemish Concealer


Hello lovelies,

Today I have some quick words for you on the REVLON Colorstay Blemish Concealer. I own the shade in medium as that matches my skin tone best.

Now I double use this concealer as a primer, highlighter and blemish concealer.

Some pros of this are it is extremely easy to use because of the thin wand applicator. I love how I can reach the tiny nook and cranny under my eyes without poking them out. Second, the concealer actually does the most epic job of making the areas you highlight more accentuated and lifted. Last, is its job as a primer (which is the very reason why I first used it). If you put this on as an eyeshadow primer, you can go to a club, dance for hours on end without a care for your eyeshadow because it will not come off (and trust me this has been Shreya tested). There is honestly no use buying hella expensive designer primer when this can be found at a much cheaper price at any drug store.

My only con with this is it does seem to dry rather quickly once you put it on your face so you really have to make sure to have the sponge right on hand to blend,blend,blend. Also, this is not the most easiest formula to blend out either.

Either way none of my makeup gets applied without this and especially if you’re a beginner with makeup looking for cheap primer that multitasks, I would buy this one!



Neutrogena Visibly Even: First Impressions


Hello lovelies,

As you can already guess today I’m going to be giving you my first impressions on this Neutrogena Visibly Even daily moisturizer.

I must say at this point I have been using it for a couple of weeks and I really, really love it. First off it does the job of sunscreen with an SPF 30, but the best part? It doesn’t have that nasty sunscreen smell or horrible,greasy sunscreen texture. For someone who despises regular sunscreen this moisturizer is a holy grail, especially during summer! An added bonus is that it smells amazing.

It does keep my face moisturized and actually does seem to be carrying through with the advertised promise of evening out one’s skin tone. My one concern is it is not helping the recent summer breakouts I have been having and I can’t tell if it is making my breakouts worse or not. However at this point that is the only complaint I have.

If you’re skin isn’t too sensitive and your looking for a good sunscreen and moisturizer I’d look into this one. I know I’ll be purchasing another bottle before I go back to school.


How To Makeup: Part 2


Hello lovelies,

“Invest in the bones”, its a term we hear a whole lot, whether that be in terms of actual investments, your closet or makeup. However, it can be hard finding “the bones” of makeup especially with so much variety out there in both high end products and drug store brands.

Well, never fear because this post is here! All the products mentioned are ones that I use and simply can not live without, whether it be high end brands or drugstore products this is the list I have thus far of makeup every beauty lover should have in their bag.

  1. Naked Foundation: Amazing coverage, long lasting, easy to use…what more does on need? In fact, this is the only foundation I have at the moment and I don’t see any reason to change it anytime soon. If you’re looking for a foundation splurge on this one!
  2. Maybelline Kajal Eyeliner: The pigmentation on this was dark as anything, it worked wonderfully on both my waterline and upper eyelid. Definitely a cheap buy,but a good one!
  3. Naked 2 palette: If you’re looking for neutral, light shades this Naked 2 palette if exactly what you need. These shades are perfect for a night out or a casual meeting during the day.
  4. Maybelline Studio Creme Eyeliner: For me Maybelline is the drugstore brand that SLAYS in eye makeup. This creme eyeliner is no exception, once again darkly pigmented, easy to use and perfect for dramatic cat eyes or simple lined eyes.
  5. Sephora Palette: The variety of colorful eyeshadows in this is beyonf amazing. The palette has everything from neutral,gold shades to electric blues and dark purples. Plus the colors are really long lasting, especially when used with primer. The blushes and lip colors are an added bonus. The lip colors are perfect to give yourself an even bolder look.
  6. Stila liquid lipstick: Paraben-free, sulfate -free, uber pigmented and long lasting with a large variety of colors. What more needs to be said?

Here are all the “bones” that I currently have in my makeup bag and can’t live without. Here’s to hoping you’ll find something that you like too!




How To Makeup: Part 1


Hello lovelies,

As I have mentioned many times before my hunger to learn more about makeup has been growing these past couple months, so whether it be watching tons and tons of makeup tutorials over and over again or obsessively adding things to my Sephora basket, you can say I’m slowly preparing myself to turn into a beauty junkie.

However, although I LOVE watching tutorials, I always thought that there could be something better that I could be doing or that just watching videos wasn’t helping my makeup inept self. WRONG. In the past couple months my makeup skills have improved so much that it is insanity, as I post more parts to this “series” I will add pictures as well so that you can see the difference.

Meanwhile if you are on square 1 like I once was, here are some steps you can take to get started on “how to makeup” yourself.

  1. Watching YouTube videos: especially watching videos over and over again really helps to put into perspective how to do certain techniques like blending eyeshadows, making a wing liner,using a beauty blender,etc.
  2. Save don’t splurge: If you’re just starting out with makeup as a COMPLETE novice go ahead, whip out some coupons and head out to the drugstore to start your initial collection. Drugstores carry some of the best quality makeup brands and its a great way to save. Some of my favorite drugstore brands are Maybelline (especially for eye products) and Neutrogena.
  3. Do your research: Search up which brands work best for your skin type, which won’t cause a reaction,etc.
  4. Invest wisely in the “bones”: Once you think you have a relatively good handle on how to go about, only buy what is necessary. If you feel you are more comfortable with a beauty blender, just buy a cheap two pack of those.
  5. Practice: One of the funnest things to do is practice makeup. If you’re bored and just lying on the couch why not grabbing that makeup bag and trying a couple different looks. Not only is it fun but it helps set your hand for when you actually need it.

Until next time!


How to Clean Makeup Up Brushes

Hello lovelies,

Here today I just have a quick to-do on how I wash my makeup brushes, if I have an extended amount of time and I don’t want to be constantly “Active” with my brushes. Hope you find this useful!

  1. Get a mug or deep dish bowl
  2. Fill in 2/3 of the way with water
  3. Add baby shampoo, I find that baby shampoo is really gentle, efficient and smells great
  4. Mix the soap around until the water is “foamy” add all your brushes in and let them sit for 2-3 hours
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 and be sure to rinse the brushes in between
  6. When finished lay out your brushes in the sun so that any bacteria can be further killed and they can dry


SEPHORA: Beauty Faves



Hello lovelies,

I hope all of you are fabulous! Today I have a slightly different post for you all on products I have my eyes on at Sephora. These are all brands I have had prior experience with and want more of them or simply products which based off review, seems like they would be fantastic, hopefully you find something you like too!

  1. Stila Liquid Lipstick (Shade: Amalfi): People this liquid lipstick is every girl’s dream, my sister has this in red and it is gorgeous. They stay on like none other, have vibrant colors and are paraben/sulfate free. I feel this shade of Amalfi is perfect and just in time for spring.
  2. Origins Defense Moisturizer: Now I invested in an Origins Ginzing moisturizer in September and since then I have been obsessed, my face feel so much softer, looks a lot brighter and a small amount of this moisturizer goes a long way. I want to try this origins one because it has SFP 25 and its also formulated WITHOUT harmful chemicals.
  3. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector: AKA highlighter, now I have seen what miracles a highlighter can do  and boy do I desperately want one. The gorgeous peachy, golden tone of this highlighter is sure to do wonders and the amount of rave reviews I have heard about Becca are insane.
  4. Sephora Eye Pencil: As much as I love Maybelline eye products I am quite willing to explore more options. This eye pencil is formulated sans harmful chemicals and looks like it would be super easy to use!
  5. Boscia Moisturizer: With the warm weather coming up soon I feel a change of moisturizer will be in due order, this moisturizer is more wallet friendly than the origins one, has no sulfates/parabens and has a SPF30. My only worry the packaging seems quite thin…
  6. Origins Charcoal Mask: Did I already mention I am obsessed with origins? I would love to purchase this clay mask maybe to even just put on my blackhead filled nose, but it most definitely seems worth the price.

Let me know if any of you have recommendations on what I should invest in first or if you personally own and love any of these products 🙂


Burberry Women’s Fragrance

FullSizeRender 2

Hello lovelies,

Here where I live it is a mighty gloomy day and it feels as if though I have not seen the sun in ages, nonetheless it is spring break so three cheers for that!

Today I have for you some thoughts on this Burberry  fragrance.

Now since I consider this my luxury perfume, I only wear it for special occasions, which I must say adds to the effect of its  “posh” feeling. If you are a person who loves to wear fruity and floral scents but nothing more, then I can say right off the bat this perfume is not for you. It definitely carries with it a more musky and sophisticated smell. Imagine men’s cologne and then imagine if something invented a women’s cologne, this would be it.

The other thing I really appreciate about this perfume is that the scent lasts. I can smell it lightly on my clothes a couple of days after the first initial spray and I adore it when that happens!

The packaging is also more svelte and easy to use and the “spray dispenser” gives you quite a generous amount with just one spray.

Overall, if you are looking for a posh scent to wear on special occasions I would definitely give this a go.


Maybelline Creme Eyeliner

FullSizeRender 5

Hello lovelies,

Today I have another beauty product review for you all. This is on the Maybelline New York EYESTUDIO creme eyeliner.

Now as many of you probably know by now I am a Maybelline addict, a Maybelliner, a Maybelline fanatic, however you want to put it. Whenever it comes to eyeliners or mascara Maybelline is usually the first brand I look to.

Now a little bit of background on this eyeliner. It is the first makeup product I ever bought, so yes, this tiny little collection of makeup I have at home that is now growing? This was the first thing to go into it. Now another fact to be noted, I got this about 4 years ago and it is still going strong, despite the small size of the glass container.

Now on to the eyeliner itself. Back in the day I had no clue what a cat eye or winged eyeliner look was, I just tried to out line the shape of my outer lid (but hey it worked). This eyeliner comes with most easiest to use brush which is sure to give you precise lines no matter what style you choose to “draw”. Not to mention, this color comes on SUPER dark so it does an amazing job of making your eyes pop. Possibly the most fantastic thing ever? It is super hard to get off, if I am not mistaken the only thing which can get it off…baby oil.


Sephora Lipstick-It Girl


Hello lovelies,

This is my take on the shade “It Girl” by Sephora. Now this review is going to be a slighter shorter one than usual because each skin color will portray the lipstick differently.

However, my general take on this lipstick was it was not a bright red, in fact it took on more of an orangeish-red tone. That being said I do love the formulas of all Sephora lipsticks, they are creamy,matte, light feeling and the color seems to last forever.

If I had to pick between MAC, drugstore and Sephora, Sephora would definitely win!


Kuumba Made Lavendar Lace


Hello lovelies,

Today I have a review for you all on Kuumba Made Lavender Lace Fragrance roller.

So first, I’m going to keep it really real here, I actually don’t wear this, my sister does. However, I can still tell you about it because it is that epic.

The packaging is absolutely adorable and is absolutely perfect for stowing away in your purse, bag, backpack even a clutch.

The scent is absolutely perfect. I usually don’t like the smell of lavender because it gives me a headache (a la a lavender shampoo I once bought). However, this roller has a scent which stays on literally the whole day and it even leaves behind a trail of a light lavender scent as you walk by.

One of the best parts? You need one drop for BOTH wrists so even though the bottle is small it will last you.

Overall, definitely something I would recommend buying if you’re looking for a sustainable and relatively strong scent.