Some Goals

Heyo lovelies,

Holiday season combined with finals makes for a very busy time in any student’s life. Due to this I decided to share some small quick goals of mine that I hope to accomplish within the next 2-3 months. These aren’t necessarily New Year’s resolutions but more of things which need to be accomplished for the benefit of myself.

  1. Go to the gym at least three times a week: My lovely room mate and I had actually gone consistently till the end of October, however, once assignments picked up, dance rehearsals started and the weather got colder our frequency became less and less. The gym wasn’t just great for staying healthy but for de stressing as well.
  2. Change the format of my blog: Thanks to all you wonderful readers my blog is at nearly 100 followers, I had told myself that once I strike 100 I will change the format of my blog as well.
  3. Start a YouTube channel: I am proud to say that lately I have been expanding on many of my skills- baking, makeup,etc. I’ve always loved to be in front of the camera and I’ve always loved the idea of having a YouTube channel, hopefully this is one that can happen very, very soon.
  4. Get an internship: I need to make use of being so close to the capital of the country and I need to take more advantage of being so close to metros

Until next time!






Hello lovelies,

First off I would like to mention that I can’t believe its been a year since I’ve  started this blog, 1 year and 10 days to be exact. So happy belated birthday Class and Confidence!

Second off, The weather is cold, jackets are needed, scarves are needed, if you aren’t wearing boots then what are you doing? Plus, the heating is now being turned on in the house and thats when you know the cold weather has officially unpacked its suitcase and is here to stay!

Third off it always seems October-very early November is when everything happens because its technically the last month to safely do everything before it gets very cold and snowy. This includes dance recitals and practice, exams and projects pick up speed,etc,etc.

Last, I was a bit in a writer’s block these past couple of months and as much as I loved blogging was considering just deleting it (my blog). BUT, then I decided to give myself some time- get re inspired by my fave you tubers, get inspiration from stuff around me,etc.

Needless to say I think I’m back…for good. Not I think, but I am back for good, now bear with me for the next couple of posts as I get my gear whirring but in the meantime thank you for all the love, I am nearly at 100 followers and can not wait to hopefully accomplish this goal before the year ends.


Tumbleweeds and Motivation



Hello lovelies,

And wowzeee, it has been a long while. I can nearly hear the tumbleweeds crunching along the ground here.

My summer vacation has been going along much,much faster than I can keep up with. In the midst of practicing for my driver’s test, going to the gym and so on and so forth, I feel like I barely have time to breathe. Plus my life has felt like it is such a routine! Granted now we have some events and other fun things planned but other than that for these last three months I had no motivation to do anything including blogging. I had blogger’s block if you will.

I feel in order to stay motivated you need freedom, change and an open mind. Being in the same environment for such a long period of time (no matter how much of a homebody you are) can get really, really frustrating. You get irritated, annoyed and in my case really bitter.

Nonetheless, I did have thoughts about just shutting down this blog but then as I looked back on my old posts I realized why I had started this blog in the first place and somewhere from UBER deep within a SLIGHT amount of motivation came peeping through and here I am.

I am so excited for this blog, I have quite a bit of new material to post and talk about AND am finally considering makeup tutorials.

Till then please stay along with me for what should be a very fun ride!

P.S- I have no idea why I chose a random picture of my Panera lunch but in my mind in somehow works with post…you may now proceed to laugh.


A Reflection



Hello lovelies,

Now often times on here I don’t like to post too much about myself because I assume well who really cares what I am doing? However, today is my first official day of summer vacation, yup, my freshmen year of college is over and honestly, where did it go? I feel just yesterday I was finishing my arangetram, moving into my apartment, excited to meet and greet new people.

Now my freshman year did not exactly go as planned but it definitely was a year where I was able to self improve and learn new things. Stick along if you want to see what I mean.

  1. I learned to live on my own: Unlike a lot of our other friends me and my one other friend chose to get a 4 suite apartment complete with our own bathrooms. Needless to say a huge luxury from the nasty (no offense) dorms on campus. This meant making sure I woke myself up, fed myself basically functioned all on my own without the guidance of mother dearest. Needless to say I think it went well, considering I am sitting here in front of you writing this post.
  2. Cook food: Now before I start, let me just inform you that I was deathly afraid of fire (and the stove) until the end of August (AKA right before I moved in). Yet I overcame my fear and managed to create the following-> boxed mac and cheese, cheese quesadilla, basic pasta, grilled cheese, veggie patty sandwich. Again you may laugh but to me this was a great accomplishment.
  3. Drink more water: Folks, my water intake went from a 0.5 to a solid 9, if thats not an accomplishment IDK what is.
  4. Cleaning: No offense, but I gained some major wifey points if we combine this with my basic food cooking skills. Despite the fact that I was in an apartment I didn’t let my cleaning habits go, obviously I cleaned my room and bathroom but in addition? The common kitchen and common giving room. In fact, I cleaned it to the point where it looked like someone waved a very magical, cleaning spell over the place (just saying)  #wifeystatus
  5. Trying out for everything: Granted I made it into only half a thing, but unlike high school I tried out for everything right off the bat. Every dance team, every organization, every internship.
  6. Make new friends: Now I may not have gotten the ride or die squad I wanted this year. But I do strongly believe I was able to find my 2-3 ride or die friends and I couldn’t be happier.
  7. Learn to not be as scared: Now I have my moments but whether it be minor things like finding my class on a large campus or sneaking into the stadium at night Im beginning to get a tad bit more adventurous.



Snow Days: What to do?

Hello lovelies,

Now I am sure you all have heard about the huge snowstorm that is about to hit the East Coast tonight/tomorrow, this comes at the best worst timing because guess who has to go back to school this weekend?? MEE (and many others).

As worried as I am about getting back to school I am also super.super.super.excited. This is the first legit snowfall of winter and yesterday’s flurries (which gave my county schools a two hour delay today) was just a preview of what is to come.

Snow days are lovely because it looks gorgeous and you can’t really do anything but chill (once you’re done shoveling of course). However, how long can you not do anything for? Here are some things I like to do on snow days.

  1. Catch up on old books: Pick up that copy of Harry Potter, dust if off and relive your childhood
  2. Start something: Whether that be a blog, writing a book,etc. What better time to start and establish something than when you’re cooped up in your home
  3. Scrapbook: Now I may end up doing this due to the simple fact that I have all the necessary
  4. Make hot chocolate: Can’t spell snow without hot chocolate…well you can but you get the point.
  5. Plan for the summer: Now I know I have OCD/ I like to plan ahead way too much.But this one is especially for my students, figure out if you want to take a summer class, if you want to apply for jobs,travel abroad,etc. Once school opens up we all know how busy we become with homework,projects,etc.
  6. Nap: Blanket, bed, snow falling outside? The perfect setting.
  7. Netflix: Recently Netflix has been winning it when it comes to international movies.

Well everyone, this is a list of what I usually end up doing in snowy weather. I hope some of you find it useful 🙂 stay warm and safe!



Make It Your Time


Hello lovelies,

It is Wednesday and I figured it has been a while since I posted any installment of a Wise Wednesday so why not now?

During the start of the New Year we always see people make resolutions, these can range from the super generic “I will eat healthier” to the not so generic types of “I will take more pictures.” However, I also tend to see that as soon as people don’t get immediate results they resort to the ole “let’s look at other people living better lives and complain about how mine isn’t any better.” -_- Well lovelies, the last time I checked getting jealous and being a couch potato never got anyone what they wanted.

So what am I saying? Life is more in our hands than we ever thought, you can literally do anything at any given moment. You wanna travel? Start a gofundme, get a job, save up money, book a ticket and go. You wanna be a popular blogger? Well start a blog, post whatever your heart wishes and keep going. For goodness sakes do you want a boyfriend? Well meet people, do some searching, go out more.

All in all 2016 is a year where I have begun to see changes, I see more tweets and posts on how people are determined to make 2016 their year and how they will make something out of it.

Lovelies, I think we should all try to do that. Kick those addictions,travel, get a job, make money, fall in love, dance like no one’s watching, sing at the top of your lungs. It’s your life and you got this.


2016 Resolutions

Hello lovelies,

Now I don’t always hop on the resolutions making bandwagon but in the past couple hours I have already seen so many great lists that I was inspired to make one myself. Granted all goes well here are some of my resolutions for the upcoming year.

  1. Blogging: I had slacked off during finals and the holidays, but I want to get back to consistently blogging every day. I also want to get better at reading and liking blog posts by my fellow bloggers. In addition to this blog I would ADORE starting up a YouTube channel.
  2. Eating/ Drinking: Luckily every since college started I have gotten really good at drinking water and I maintain eating a couple of fruits each day as well. Some specific changes I want to make are eating more fiber and going more organic.
  3. Cooking: I am a college freshman living in an apartment and I can barely cook. So the goal by the end of this year? Learn to cook three things PERFECTLY.
  4. Hang out with friends: I started doing this quite a bit in 2015 and it is something I definitely want to continue. Whether it be one on one dates with friends or planning mini parties, meeting friends is always great fun and an excellent change.
  5. Get a “squad”:College is the time to find that one group of reliable friends who you can have fun with and who become your “ride or die”
  6. Get my driver’s license: This would be very nice to have happen.
  7. Internship and Job: I want an internship to see whether I like the career I have made up my mind about, I want a job to earn some money and become SLIGHTLY more independent.
  8. Get Good grades: Hopefully once I have my major on track I will be able to raise my GPA as well.
  9. Meditation: Another great thing I started in college was yoga, I want to add meditation onto that, to really relax myself inside and out.
  10. Travel: Whether it be mini getaways or going abroad through the study abroad programs, I think it’s time I see the world.
  11. Pursue hobbies: Blogging is definitely on there but in addition photography, writing, painting and embroidery.
  12. Record more moments: Ever since I got my iPhone 6 and Instax Polaroid I love recording every moment I can, it’s so great to flip through your camera or look back on Polaroids and relive past moments.
  13. Track spending: See how much money do I really spend?
  14. Be less timid
  15. Be a good person

Well this turned into quite the hefty list! I hope all you enjoyed reading and have a great New Year’s 🙂


Reflection of 2015

Hello lovelies,

Page 365 of 365.

Isn’t that crazy? I know I say this at the end of every year, but 2015 is surely one that flew by in a wink. This was probably one of my best years after a really long time and definitely one where I got to grow and learn even more.

So I figured why not join others in saying some major highlights of this year. I hope you read on and enjoy, feel free to tell me some of your favorite moments from this year too!


  1. Arangetram: This is basically the Indian classical dance graduation and people Four days a week right after school ended, I literally ran out of class hopped into the car and drove straight to an hour long dance practice. Then there were seven hour rehearsals with the live band and then of course the actual three hour dance performance. There were ups and downs but on June 20th,2015 I successfully finished my bharathanatyam arangetram!!Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 6.14.12 PM.png
  2. High School graduation: This was it, we were finally out      of the county school system and done with free education and textbooks ;(. It was a surreal and extremely bittersweet experience but aye class of 2015, we made it!!Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 6.14.54 PM.png
  3. College: Wowwee it was just one thing after the next. Before I knew it  I was packing things into boxes to move into my apartment and college. So far it has been a great experience (with its moments), but it has been fantastic and best of all? I think I know what I want to major in hallelujah!Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 6.17.52 PM
  4. Friends: This is definitely one thing I am really proud of myself this year, going out and making plans with friends. Whether it be walks along the trail, or planning lunch dates during free time in college, or planning holiday parties (above), I definitely learned how to stay social and interactive with people despite distances. Not to mention making some new friends in college as well.Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 6.25.17 PM.png
  5. Blogging:  When I switched my blog domains I was so much happier, a lot of you actually commented on posts or liked them which honestly means so much. Not to mention I started to take blogging more seriously and I love it!

So here were some of my major highlights of 2015. Here’s to a more joyous and prosperous New Year for everyone! Happy 2016, my lovelies.



Give Thanks



Hello my lovelies,

Given that today is Thanksgiving I thought it was only apt to write about being thankful for everything we have (generic, I know, my dearest apologies).

We are always going to be ungrateful for something-whether it is about how something turned out, something we can not have,etc. But how often do we give thanks for the smallest of small things that others can only dream about? Food, shelter, education, friends, health-luxuries like shopping,owning a car, being able to go out by yourself whenever you want.

I know for a fact that I am thankful for all the things mentioned above AND you guys who read my blog and motivate me to keep on writing!!

So not only this Thanksgiving but everyday be thankful for the things that get your through your day and be sure to remember and help those who are not as fortunate.

Happy Thanksgiving!



Diwali-The Festival of Lights


Hello my lovelies,

As many of you may or may not know, Hindus around the world today are celebrating the auspicious holiday Diwali, meaning the festival of lights. It is a time when everyone is wearing new clothing, hanging out with family and eating tons of sweets. It is meant to be a time filled with lights and joy.

Diwali (or some may call it Deepvali) is a holiday where we literally illuminate our houses and streets with lights, lamps and fireworks but symbolically, it is meant to show that we need to dispell darkness from ourselves as well.

Now I don’t mean to get all deep and mystical but it is true. Too often we are caught up in what other people are doing, numerous times during the day (unknowingly and knowingly) we gossip and bad mouth about numerous people. Somewhere this really effects us-we are always comparing ourselves to others and therefore are never satisfied, you know what they say. We always want what we can’t have.

Dispelling “darkness” from ourselves basically means cleaning yourself from any negative vibes and only taking in positive juju.

  1. Don’t be afraid to compliment someone but do it with true intentions
  2. Never be afraid to go out of the way for someone-if they are having a bad day make them a card, slip them a sticky note with some good thoughts, heck make them lunch…it all makes a difference
  3. Don’t gossip about anyone

In the midst of Diwali facts, good vibes only advice and other mixture of things, I hope you were able to take something away from this post 🙂