Summer Ending, Back to the GRIND

Hello lovelies,

Wow has it been a while since I’ve been on here, as you may have guessed from the title college has started again. Which also means stress, hypertension and having nervous breakdowns season is back. Just kidding! Well, kind of…

One good thing about school starting however is my birthday, which happens to be on 09/05.

With the end of summer also comes the rise of the exciting holiday season Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. I can not wait for the mentioned holidays because I’ll be putting up quite a few posts on makeup looks and baking.

Until next time!



Favorite 2016 Calendars

Hello lovelies,

Now I don’t know how many of you like to keep track of things the old fashioned way, a la calendar, agendas, notepads…but I sure love to. There is an extreme satisfaction that comes with being able to physically cross things off your schedule once you finish it. Which is why one of my favorite activities at the start of every year is buying calendars! Here are a few of my favorite.

  1. Thomas Kinkade Disney Calendar: This is such an adorable calendar with a full Disney theme and different illustrations to go with every month
  2. NYC 2016 Calendar: Now we all know my obsession with the city which is why this is the calendar I used for 2015. It has beautiful pictures of NYC and the pictures are perfect to use as wall hangings once the year is done!
  3. Graphique Barbie Calendar: Can I just say in love? This calendar is perfect for any fashion lovers out there!
  4. Harry Potter Calendar: If you’re the ultimate Harry Potter nerd this calendar is well worth it. In fact, it was what I used the first couple years I was a calendar user.
  5. European Destinations Calendar: A calendar that can double as inspiration? Uhh…yes please!


Favorite Bloggers

fave bloggers

Hello lovelies,

Today I want to share with you some of my favorite bloggers, the very people who inspired me to start blogging AND when I start to lose motivation, encourage me to keep blogging (though I mean they don’t really know that haha!) In fact, I’m pretty sure you may have already heard of a couple of them, but be sure to check them out and enjoy!

Kaushal Beauty: First off, I adore her accent and I love how her makeup is so do-able. I feel like if I really tried I could actually do some of her looks. If you’re looking for makeup ideas to do for a date night or for a party, she’s definitely the one to go to!

Zoella: I am sure you all have heard of this preppy, wonderful and adorable blogger, I absolutely love how her channel is a variety of various things-baking,makeup,haul posts, product reviews and much,much more. The best time to watch her channel is now during the holiday season, so much cosiness!

Irene Mahmud Khan: Need a heavy glam look? Then Irene’s channel is perfect for you, especially, especially, especially if you are a makeup pro. She uses some of the most awesome techniques to create gorgeous and heavy glam looks!

College Prepster: I was obsessed with her when she was in NYC and even though she moved to CT, my obsession with her blog is the same. She always has sweepstakes/giveaways going on and posts some epic and useful entries about style, life and shopping,etc.

Hope you find some more bloggers to enjoy reading or watching. Let me know down below if you know any of these bloggers or start to follow them!