Influenster-Yves St Laurent Box

YSL perfume

A couple of weeks ago I got the YSL box for the Black Opium perfume.

If you’re looking for a slightly musky, yet highly sophisticated scent…this is it.It smells absolutely amazing and in all honesty I am super happy to declare that this perfume is perfect for fall and winter. I can totally imagine myself wearing it to a holiday party or if I get lucky a date night. Another benefit is, it is not overpowering, yet a little dab will get you enough of fragrance.

One thing to be noted is that this product was sent to me as a free sample but all opinions are my own.

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Influenster-Homecoming Box

HC voxbox

As I mentioned before, I love free stuff, I assume you love free stuff, we all love free stuff! Which makes Influenster so epic. Unlike other “boxes” this requires no subscription,no payment,no nothing. Just sign up and write reviews for ANY products that you know of or have. Once you become active on your account you will eventually (hopefully) get selected for a “campaign” and get sent free stuff, click above to find out more.

Here are all the product samples that Influenster sent to me in the “Homecoming VoxBox” to sample, along with the products are my own personal reviews.

  1. Kettle Jalapeno Chips: I was thoroughly impressed with these they tasted great, genuine and were actually quite spicy.
  2. Olay Botanicals: I actually have not used this yet, so stay tuned for when I eventually do!
  3. Luden’s Cough Drops: These taste fantastic! In fact, I find myself eating them as candy, however, I don’t know how effective they are as cough drops. I think for cough drops you’re better off with Halls.
  4. Red Vines: If you like Twizzlers, you’ll like Red Vines!
  5. SinFul Colors SinFul Colors: If you use both products together it can create a BEAUTIFUL manicure.