APRIL Fool’s

Hello lovelies,

My,my,my we are finally in April. You know what is really trippy about that? It’s the season where the weather legitimately gets warmer, there are beautiful (but sometimes) rainy showers and everything comes back to life after resting for a long time.

Spring is the perfect time to rejuvenate yourself inside and out. With the end of winter and cold spring days, should come the end of sluggish times. I know that totally applies to me hehe! So what should one do to feel so fresh you might ask?

  1. Spring cleaning: I belong to that one species in the world that actually likes to clean…but spring cleaning is such a common thing everyone should do. SCOUR through your house, anything you have not used in six months or longer? In the trash.
  2. Closet cleaning: Now not much more different than the previous, but I think safe to say a lot more funner, especially if you do not clean out your closet every so often and have a pile of “I’ll wear it eventually” clothes. Donate them, sell them repurpose them but get them out! The best part about if you get rid of stuff? You can buy strong replacements.
  3. Start a face mask routine: Now when the cold season sets in putting on face masks is off. However, when the hot, humid weather sets in, there is nothing better than giving yourself 20 minutes with a refreshing face mask.

Well that is all for now, I promise soon I will be back with more exciting material šŸ™‚



Valentine’s Day



Hello lovelies,

First off, I can not believe February is here and almost halfway gone, it seems like the days are flying by and I can barely notice it!

Anyways, in the light of Valentine’s Day being tomorrow, I have decided to talk to you guys today about love.

Now unlike (or like) many girls my age I have no bae and though I too have wishes that one day someone will get me the generic flowers and a bear for the 14th, I am satisfied at the moment. Had you asked me one or two years ago what I thought about February 14th I would have responded with the very bitter response of ” I hate Valentine’s Day” or “Valentine’s Day is stupid”. Yet I have come to learn you don’t need a bae to celebrate the day, all you need is love (yes I know, that sentence was so cliche… I very nearly gagged myself, but it’s true).

In our time we believe that love can only be expressed through expensive Pandora charms,Ā flowers, giant teddy bears and is only a day for the bfs and gfs to display their cuteness on instagram,etc. But it is not.

Love is expressed through the small things that we can’t even notice, things that are said to us every day and might seem minor but hold so much meaning (“call me when you get there”,”is everything okay?” “how did it go?”). It’s when you help someone and hear them out in a time of need. It’s when you don’t abandon someone at the time they need you most.

You can find love everywhere not just among baes and not just on the 14th, look at your family, your friends, heck, it’s even safe to say look at your dog. Though we may get into a tiff with them sometimes it’s fair to say family and friends always have our back, so be sure to celebrate and spread the love with them too.

Enjoy this fave quote of mine from Bob Marley, I feel it sums up everything about love so perfectly. Happy Valentine’s Day in advance!



Essential Winter Items


Hello lovelies,

My,my,my all this snow. So “Jonas” officially started to wrap up late last night as the final snowflakes blew through. Though there are no more forecasts for snow as of now, this was a huge blizzard which affected a good chunk of the East Coast QUITE a bit. Though snow fallingĀ may be over, many people now have the joy of walking around in frigid, slippery conditions.

Especially in conditions like this for my fellow walkers (a la college students and city dwellers), it’s important to stay warm and safe. Ā Here are some tips as to how to do so. Hope you find it useful and enjoy!

  1. Lotion: on your hands and on your face, when it’s cold and windy out the first things to get cracked and dry are your hands and face.
  2. Scarves,hats,gloves: honestly there is a huge difference when you wear these three things and they do a great jobs keeping the heat trapped in. I even usually keep an extra pair in my backpack whenever I am walking around just in case.
  3. Jacket: Not a cheap Forever21 one, which is “cute” and “trendy” a legit jacket which will actually keep you warm and protected, a real winter jacket.
  4. Rain boots: yes those leather boots may keep your warm, but rain boots are what help you get through layers of snow AND are heavy, ensuring a lesser rate of slipping and falling
  5. Water bottle: Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you can’t get dehydrated, be sure to keep a water bottle with you and sip on it intermittently
  6. Car Items (if your drive back and forth): Cardboard, duct tape, brush, blankets, first-aid kit


Snow Days: What to do?

Hello lovelies,

Now I am sure you all have heard about the huge snowstorm that is about to hit the East Coast tonight/tomorrow, this comes at the best worst timing because guess who has to go back to school this weekend?? MEE (and many others).

As worried as I am about getting back to school I am also super.super.super.excited. This is the first legit snowfall of winter and yesterday’s flurries (which gave my county schools a two hour delay today) was just a preview of what is to come.

Snow days are lovely because it looks gorgeous and you can’t really do anything but chill (once you’re done shoveling of course). However, how long can you not do anything for? Here are some things I like to do on snow days.

  1. Catch up on old books: Pick up that copy of Harry Potter, dust if off and relive your childhood
  2. Start something: Whether that be a blog, writing a book,etc. What better time to start and establish something than when you’re cooped up in your home
  3. Scrapbook: Now I may end up doing this due to the simple fact that I have all the necessary
  4. Make hot chocolate: Can’t spell snow without hot chocolate…well you can but you get the point.
  5. Plan for the summer: Now I know I have OCD/ I like to plan ahead way too much.But this one is especially for my students, figure out if you want to take a summer class, if you want to apply for jobs,travel abroad,etc. Once school opens up we all know how busy weĀ become with homework,projects,etc.
  6. Nap: Blanket, bed, snow falling outside? The perfect setting.
  7. Netflix: Recently Netflix has been winning it when it comes to international movies.

Well everyone, this is a list of what I usually end up doing in snowy weather. I hope some of you find it useful šŸ™‚ stay warm and safe!



Holiday Desserts




Hello lovelies,

Christmas is in a week, I repeat Christmas is in one week! As for me? I am sludging through my last final while most of my other friends are done, have to buy all Christmas presents AND prepare for my holiday party.

One aspect I have planned out for the my party however, are the desserts. Or at least have some ideas of what I want to serve as desserts on the day of my party. One company I always turn to to make some yummy treats is Betty Crocker. Whether it be cake mixes or cookie mixes I know Betty Crocker always has an easy yet genuine mix for me to bake.

For dessert I decided on vanilla cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies and possibly a cake.

Now as I much as I would love to go all Zoella and bake these right from scratch, I simply won’t have the time, which is why I am going to use the following mixes/goods to speed up the process.(Of course in addition to the basic ingredients).


  1. Super moist vanilla cake mix
  2. White Decorating Icing
  3. Cupcake “Cups” (similar, except mine are in Christmas colors)
  4. Christmas sprinkles


  1. Super moist vanilla mix
  2. Red icing
  3. Christmas Sprinkles
  4. Green and red food coloring


  1. Vegan chocolate chip cookie mix

If you would like to see how my actual results turn out leave me a little comment or like below šŸ™‚





15 Gift Ideas for Under $15

gifts part 1art 2 gift collage

Hello lovelies,

Holllaaa for post number 2, here I present to you 15 gift options for under 15 bucks. Whether you are doing a Secret Santa or simply need some stocking stuffers, below are some great ideas. Click the product links to find out more!

Francesca socks:Ā I just bought a pair of Francesca socks exactly like these in a different print and they.are.heaven it literally feels like I ams stepping into a cloud and they keep me uber warm.

Forever 21 socks: Now these socks are not top quality and I can’t say they keep you really warm, but for the price and design it balances out

Forever 21 scarf: I want this. There is no other way to put it, the color is gorgeous and this goes perfect with a coat, sweater, shirt…everything and anything

BBW AntiBacterial Soap: This might be another thing anyone would have on their list small, compact and it smells delicious. Perfect for a student or that working lady! While you’re at it, get them a case so they can attach it wherever they go!

BBW Hand Cream: Honestly, hands might be one of the most neglected places during the season. Why?? I have no clue, but I ADORE this hand cream in this scent, Japanese Cherry Blossom for the win.

BBW Candle:Ā Isn’t snow and cold weather associated with candles? I meant to say that the other way but hey! Candles are perfect for anyone and especially when they come in so many yummy scents!

Francesca’s Headband: Cute,classy and simple way of putting your hair out of your face! A must have for anyone

Forever21 Knit Hat: This is definitely one of my favorites on the list, so cute cheap and perfect for an easy for winter outfit.

Revlon Nail Polish: Ā Revlon nail polishes are my go to brand for waiting my nails, there are so many colors and options to choose from.

Sephora Lip Care:Ā Ā This smells so delicious and the case is cute and compact!

Oil: this oil is wonderful and in step with the new natural trend of using oil on not just your hair but your face as well!

Josie Martin Argan Oil: Now this is something I personally asked for and can’t wait to get it, so I can mix it into my lotions and incorporate it into my daily skincare!

Gift Cards: The last two items on this list are gift cards…namely Starbucks and iTunes, doing a secret santa and don’t know your “elf” very well? Opt for one of these safer options.


Holiday Movies and More

xmsa movies


Hello lovelies,

I decided to take a little break from studying in order to publish what I hope will be two posts. This one as you can see will be about some things I love to watch during the holidays, watching these definitely adds more to the feel that the holidays are very near, especially given the fact that I am drowning studying for finals and the weather is unnaturally warm this December ;( Ā I hope you too will take part in watching some of these holiday videos with me as well!

  1. Zoella Vlogmas: So for all of you who know Zoella, you also know she is an expert when it comes to holidays, be it Halloween,Christmas whatever. I especially love watching her during this time of year however because she posts one video a day (and this year a blog everyday too!) Her videos are a combination of gift ideas, makeup ideas and even baking recipes! A lot of her videos are actually very helpful and inspire you as well.Plus, her vlogs are absolutely hysterical!
  2. Lilly AKA Superwoman: Have enough holiday gift ideas and baking ideas? Do you just need a laugh? Well then go on youtube right now and type in Superwoman. In advance you’re welcome. Superwoman also does collars during Christmas with a HUGE variety of you tubers..a bunch of comedic you tubers in one? Uhhh, yes please. Plus she vlogs too! Her vlogs are ultra relatable and show how similar you tubers can be to us.
  3. Elf: Every timeĀ the holiday season struck and tests were over in school, almost all of our teachers popped this movie into the projector and let it run…surprisingly, I am still not sick of it, I get stitches from laughing every time and it’s a great family watch.
  4. Home Alone: this is a classic set in the backdrop of NYC.
  5. Grinch Who Stole Christmas: I have not seen this in FOREVER and I might just have to refresh my memory soon. However, isn’t the Grinch just so relate able sometimes?


Holidays Reads


classic book collageHello my lovelies,

My goodness! In the midst of final exams, papers and projects I did not realize that life would become so busy that I would have no time to blog! Really need to work on that…anyways today’s post is a simple one.

The holiday time brings around the feeling of great warmth Ā and cosiness, it’s the time to take warm baths, light up candles, bake and perhaps even curl up with a book.

Well what should you read? Here I compile a list of some classics which I personally love reading. If you need some options of what book to snuggle up with this season, then I hope you find this list useful!

Now mind you these books aren’t actually “seasonal” but nonetheless all are capable of transporting you back in time!

  1. Harry Potter: forever a classic, the books and movies both lead you into a fantasy world
  2. Letters from Rifka: a wonderful book set against the backdrop of WW2 about the struggles of those escaping dire situations
  3. Jane Eyre: a beautifully written book, a bit on the heavier side but wonderful nonetheless
  4. The Great Gatsby: definitely one of my all time favorites which takes you back to the roaring twenties
  5. The Invisible Man: a book in regards to segregation which keeps you riveted to its pages.


Holidays Gifts For Her


gifts collage

Hello lovelies,

In continuation of “Blogmas” here are some gift ideas for the ladies on your list. Enjoy!

Sephora Eye Makeup Brush Set: any Sephora gift is perfect for that makeup lover on your list and this eye makeup brush set is a must for any girl who loves her eyeshadows.

Sephora Urban Decay PaletteĀ : how gorgeous is this? I quite frankly am a huge fan of Urban Decay products (like many others) and the shades in this palette areĀ made for anyone who likes to have fun with their eye makeup.

Naked Basics Palette: great for anyone who wears a basic light makeup look everyday.

Sephora Mega Makeup PaletteĀ : I would buy this for a beginner in makeup, it has everything from blush to lip stains and eyeshadows, all for an affordable price!

Jeweled Statement Necklace: people…this is beyond gorgeous! I mean look at it,it’s beautiful and will go in anything, dress/shirt and pants/date night/work. I might end up buying this one for myself šŸ˜‰

Beaded Tassel NecklaceĀ : this is a classic necklace which I think would work perfectly for dressing up a shirt or simple dress.

Kate Spade Address Book: Ā for that girl who loves a hard copy of everything this is for her! The adorable cover and small size makes it ideal for carrying it around everywhere.

Kate Spade Glitter High Heel Keychain: this is another product I may end up buying for myself, this is definitely for that girly girl on your list who loves to amp up her bag with a little sparkle.

AEO BeanieĀ : you can never go wrong with a beanie and honestly the pom pom on top makes it look even cuter. The colors will go with any outfit and is definitely something your giftee will find useful!

Adorable SocksĀ : lovelies, it is winter, it gets cold and socks are cheap. These are perfect stocking stuffers or make ideals items to put with bigger presents. Plus, they come in a variety of designs.


It’s December and Announcements


Hello lovelies,

IT IS DECEMBER EEPPPPP. Where is this year flying off to? I have no clue, but can you believe it is already Christmas month!!!!

Now for this month I do want to try something, I want to take some hints and idea from my fellow bloggers and attempt to do a “blogmas”. Meaning everyday I will attempt to post something Christmas related, whether that be gift ideas, decoration ideas, party ideas maybe even some recipes.

There are some other things as well. I really want to start to take blogging seriously, meaning–> making all my social media accounts blog related AND AND AND posting youtube videos. It is something I have long wanted to do and get even more motivated when watching other you tubers. I was thinkin DIY, baking, makeup and GRWM videos.

Now for twitter I have a blog acquainted one in the works and once it is functioning I willĀ let you guys know, hopefully it will be fully functioning by the next post, so fellow bloggers, follows would be appreciated šŸ™‚

Let me know what you guys think and if there is anything specific you would like to see!