Spring into Fashion



Hello hello lovelies,

So first off please excuse the cliche title, I simply couldn’t help myself. Here where I live spring did not even bother to creep up on us, nope sireee. Without warning we found ourselves springing into the next season, not that I mind.

One thing I am slightly peeved about however is my lack of clothing. The weather has been gorgeous and is supposed to get even warmer! Yet all I have in my college closet at the moment are sweaters and jeans. #college probz. I somehow managed to scavenge together today a skirt and skirt only to pair it off with knee high leather boots.

However, it is all good because soon it is spring break and I can swap out all my clothes.

I am also looking to expand my warmer weather closet (because why not?) So below I have some wardrobe related items which I thought all of you might enjoy, they’re affordable and definitely things I will keep an eye out for when I go shopping.  So keep your eyes out for a haul post 😉

Onto the clothing!

  1. Black pumps (Uppermost right hand corner): Now these most certainly did catch my eye and it is indeed something I will look for when I go to DSW, but I will admit I am not a huge  fan of the extreme pointed toe.
  2. Contemporary Shirt (middle of top row): This is an absolute need, the shirt looks so chic and would go perfect in  a black pencil skirt or light jeans. Plus the fact that it’s white and long sleeve means I will be protected from UV rays while walking on campus, this is a must!
  3. High Waisted Shorts (leftmost top row): I need shorts. I have not properly worn shorts since about –I was really young. The prime reason is I thought my legs were too “chicken”, however I can not deny how cute high waisted shorts look so I am going to take the plunge.
  4. Gladiator Sandals (middle): These are another must! I have not one pair of black sandals, not one pair!! Needless to say these speak to me.
  5. Rose printed came dress (bottom middle): I’m still iffy on this however, I could see myself wearing this to the harbor with a light cardigan on a summer evening.
  6. Olive Pleated Shirt (bottom left): SO CUTE MUST HAVE. This shirt would be so, so,so easy to dress up or down.
  7. White Camisole (middle right): This is absolutely adorable and with high waisted shorts or jeans would look golden.
  8. Black Gladiator Sandals (left column middle): Option 2 if nothing else works.

Now out of all of these there are a couple I definitely want to buy and those would be numbers 2,3,4 and 6. What are some of your favorite warm weather clothes?







Rock the Red Carpet: Collab


Hello lovelies,

First off, Happy Valentine’s Day!

Second off, it is always exciting receiving e-mails on your blog e-mail, it becomes even more exciting when it is an e-mail asking to create your own red carpet look.

That’s what happened today when FarFetch asked me to go on their website and create a red carpet look. It was uber overwhelming due to the sheer amount of diversity they have in regards to clothing and jewelry, but extremely fun. Plus, I was finally able to create something that I would absolutely wear on the red carpet.

The reason I adore this look is because it is a perfect depiction of my style… feminine, girly and classy. I absolutely love how everything was able to flow together so well and that it was simple but sophisticated. The pearls and lace touches remind me of the 50’s and gave me a bit of the Audrey Hepburn feels, where the actual style of the dress reminded me a lot of Dakota Fanning and Emma Watson.







Ivory Ella


Shirt: Ivory Ella
Leggings: Target
Rain boots: DSW

Hello lovelies,

Well here in Maryland the rain, fog and dark weather have added up to be a situation where you just want to sleep and snuggle into your bed. But alas that is not possible, I still must get up, go to class and function. Sigh…

It is on days like these, however, where I LOVE wearing my Ivory Ella t-shirt. This was gifted to me by a super epic friend on my birthday and let me tell you I am about to buy myself another.

If you’re looking for something that you can “slum out” in without looking like a total slob or something that will still make you feel put together and cute, then the shirt is it! Not only are the designs absolutely adorable but it is so easy to wear them, like in the picture above I chose to wear my navy paisley shirt with black leggings and black rain boots and I was set to go.

The shirt is extremely soft and thick. Making it the perfect shirt to wear in the fall and winter weather. Also, it is isn’t super fitted but neither is it super loose. And perhaps the best part is, the shirt goes well past your butt. So I can wear this shirt carefree with my leggings.

One of the best parts about purchasing from Ivory Ella is not only are you purchasing a super cute piece of clothing but you are helping a much greater cause. Part of Ivory Ella proceeds go towards helping the beautiful, gentle giants…elephants. Therefore, every time you open your door to the exciting Ivory Ella package your money has gone to saving an elephant. Honestly, it’s small efforts like these which will help us save our animals, one by one.

Here is what I am wearing above

Navy Paisley

Here are some things I am hoping “Santa” gets me 😉

Pocket White Classic Print 

Mint Ella Water Bottle

Ella Choker Antique Silver

Definitely check out Ivory Ella! Along with shirts they now sell sweatshirts, water bottles, necklaces and more. Leave me a comment below and let me know what you think about the brand.


Business Wear Pt.1


Blazer: Forever 21
Shirt: Nordstorm Rack
Necklace: Forever 21
Pants: Ross
Boots: DSW

My lovelies,

I find that on days where I am tired as anything these outfits posts are becoming a great thing to publish. My only thing is I hope that all of you equally enjoy my outfit posts and get inspired by them.

I take a communications class that focuses on careers in international security. Therefore, whenever we make speeches we are required to dress up OR points off. Let’s be real here, never has a politician showed up to a congressional hearing in sweats and sloppy clothing. Can I just say it is so nice to see my fellow classmates so spiffy and business like? Such a nice change from the sweats and all.

Today (and from what I hear) tomorrow the weather is cold and rainy, therefore, for today’s speech, tights and skirts were out of the question. In fact from now until the end of the semester tights and skirts are most probably a no no due to the weather (which is finally cold, eeeep!)

I actually felt super swanky in the outfit above and I LOVE the creme/gold color scheme. Not to mention I got so many compliments on it and a fellow classmate of mine said the words I love hearing, “Shreya your outfits are always so on point.” Ahhh the sweet sound of satisfaction.


Classic Flannel and Fall Fashion Pt. 2


Shirt: Marshalls
Scarf: H and M
Bag: Michael Kors
Watch: Anne Klein
Boots: DSW

Whew! With all the exams and upcoming assignments due this week I was at a bit of a loss of what to post. However, I decided that with the increasingly colder weather and lack of my ideas, I would show you all lovelies another way I wore this scarf. However, if I may put a bit of a disclaimer…the weather has actually been rather warm these past couple of days. Which has been  frustrating for me since I have been itching to dress up in full out autumn wear like I had like last week! Hope you like this alternative way of the way I wore the scarf. The change of color scheme and hair style actually makes a big difference! BTW, this scarf is uber comfy, soft and warm.


Classic Flannel and Fall Fashion

Sweater: Nordstorm Rack
Scarf: H and M
Pants: Ross 
Boots: DSW 
Watch: Anne Klein

My lovelies, I officially learned that in the fall when the weather channel says it is 52 degrees it is pretty much freezing. I have also learned that because my classes are in the evening I should NOT be lazy and really put on those layers.

Anyways, the outfit above is what I had worn about a week ago, (cue the song), when it was especially cold. I absolutely adored how soft, comfortable and warm this outfit was. Not to mention the cream and maroon color scheme, plus flannel scarf really gave it the ultimate fall feel. The watch gave it an even classier look with its gold accent.