Managing Stress


Hello lovelies,

Now here in the land of my college: final exams are in full swing, the campus is deserted but libraries are packed, in all the trash cans piles of energy drinks are mounted and the stress is so thick you can cut through it with air. So whether your in a final exam rut or just being blown away by the stress of life, here are some ways I deal with stress.

  1. Write it out: Perhaps my most favorite and effective thing to do. Keep a journal and don’t keep anything bottled up. Plus, just keep writing continuously for five minutes about any fears, apprehensions that come to mind.
  2. Walk: Take a walk outside and get a breath of fresh air. Often what students especially tend to do is lock themselves in a room with textbooks and papers and just go at it. Getting fresh air really helps to clear and declutter your mind.
  3. Stretch: Honestly stress has adverse effects on our body perhaps even worse then we could imagine. For me it just feels like stress settles like a pile of heavy bricks onto my shoulders and neck. If you get tired of reading a textbook or notice or notice you’ve flipped through 3 pages and haven’t had a clue what you read then strech your body. These are some especially good ones that I like.
  4. Drink tea: Coffee is all we ever want in dark times like these, but seriously how jittery  and hyperactive does coffee make us? Skip over the coffee and reach for a tea bag instead.
  5. Rewad yourself: For every small accomplishment (finishing a chapter, writing page of notes) reward yourself, go get an ice cream, watch Netflix for an hour,etc.

These are the tips I follow through with when the stress comes through, I hope you find them just as helpful as I do!


Weekly Favorites: 4.29.16

Hello lovelies,

Whoo the increments between my posts just keep getting longer and longer ;( However, nay fear as the worry of school diminishes over summer hopefully I will be able to blog more!

Anyways, it has been a hot minute since I last posted a weekly favorites post so here are some things that I have recently been loving.

  1. Zoya nail polish: Admirably these are pricey but I tried them on since my roommate owns some and by god, these are the only nail polishes I want to get now. They lasted one and half weeks without chipping a bit! Then, when they did start to chip it was so easy to peel it off. Plus it kind of had a gel polish feel to it. Deficiently on my must have list!!
  2. Ivory ella: I am pretty sure I have done a full post on this before but all I need to say is I have to have more Ivory Ella, these shirts are perfect for a “slum out day” and their water bottles are too cute. Plus they have already donated so much to helping elephants, over half a million already!
  3. Kaushal Blue/Metallic Look: It’s no secret I’m obsessed when it comes to Kasha’s beauty looks, but this in particular is gorgeous for any fancy event!
  4. Black Jersey Dress: Now I have a couple of things from H and M which may make up a good part of my favorites list, but I have been looking for a dress like this since forever!! It looks super comfortable, of extremely good quality and versatile.
  5. Black/ White V-Neck Blouse: I’m not usually one to look for shirts, but I can already imagine wearing this so many different ways!
  6. Embroidered/Sequined Skirt: I love how detailed the skirt it and can already imagine the ton of different ways that one can wear it!
  7. Chrissy Teigen Post Pregnancy woes: Chrissy Teigen be keepin’ it real, but this post just made me laugh and love her even more!
  8. Elephant Tapestry: This is another organization that donates to elephants and just tell me, how goregous is this tapestry?
  9. Surya Namaskar: I have recently started doing 6 of these every morning, it’s a beautiful combination of breathing an stretches and let me tell you, it be doing wonders.
  10. DIY: With the end of school comes my thoughts on how to keep myself busy over the long summer college vacation, one thing I always love doing are DIYs. Check out my pinterest board to see what I have saved.

All opinions regarding any brands/companies are solely my own 🙂


How to Clean Makeup Up Brushes

Hello lovelies,

Here today I just have a quick to-do on how I wash my makeup brushes, if I have an extended amount of time and I don’t want to be constantly “Active” with my brushes. Hope you find this useful!

  1. Get a mug or deep dish bowl
  2. Fill in 2/3 of the way with water
  3. Add baby shampoo, I find that baby shampoo is really gentle, efficient and smells great
  4. Mix the soap around until the water is “foamy” add all your brushes in and let them sit for 2-3 hours
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 and be sure to rinse the brushes in between
  6. When finished lay out your brushes in the sun so that any bacteria can be further killed and they can dry


SEPHORA: Beauty Faves



Hello lovelies,

I hope all of you are fabulous! Today I have a slightly different post for you all on products I have my eyes on at Sephora. These are all brands I have had prior experience with and want more of them or simply products which based off review, seems like they would be fantastic, hopefully you find something you like too!

  1. Stila Liquid Lipstick (Shade: Amalfi): People this liquid lipstick is every girl’s dream, my sister has this in red and it is gorgeous. They stay on like none other, have vibrant colors and are paraben/sulfate free. I feel this shade of Amalfi is perfect and just in time for spring.
  2. Origins Defense Moisturizer: Now I invested in an Origins Ginzing moisturizer in September and since then I have been obsessed, my face feel so much softer, looks a lot brighter and a small amount of this moisturizer goes a long way. I want to try this origins one because it has SFP 25 and its also formulated WITHOUT harmful chemicals.
  3. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector: AKA highlighter, now I have seen what miracles a highlighter can do  and boy do I desperately want one. The gorgeous peachy, golden tone of this highlighter is sure to do wonders and the amount of rave reviews I have heard about Becca are insane.
  4. Sephora Eye Pencil: As much as I love Maybelline eye products I am quite willing to explore more options. This eye pencil is formulated sans harmful chemicals and looks like it would be super easy to use!
  5. Boscia Moisturizer: With the warm weather coming up soon I feel a change of moisturizer will be in due order, this moisturizer is more wallet friendly than the origins one, has no sulfates/parabens and has a SPF30. My only worry the packaging seems quite thin…
  6. Origins Charcoal Mask: Did I already mention I am obsessed with origins? I would love to purchase this clay mask maybe to even just put on my blackhead filled nose, but it most definitely seems worth the price.

Let me know if any of you have recommendations on what I should invest in first or if you personally own and love any of these products 🙂


APRIL Fool’s

Hello lovelies,

My,my,my we are finally in April. You know what is really trippy about that? It’s the season where the weather legitimately gets warmer, there are beautiful (but sometimes) rainy showers and everything comes back to life after resting for a long time.

Spring is the perfect time to rejuvenate yourself inside and out. With the end of winter and cold spring days, should come the end of sluggish times. I know that totally applies to me hehe! So what should one do to feel so fresh you might ask?

  1. Spring cleaning: I belong to that one species in the world that actually likes to clean…but spring cleaning is such a common thing everyone should do. SCOUR through your house, anything you have not used in six months or longer? In the trash.
  2. Closet cleaning: Now not much more different than the previous, but I think safe to say a lot more funner, especially if you do not clean out your closet every so often and have a pile of “I’ll wear it eventually” clothes. Donate them, sell them repurpose them but get them out! The best part about if you get rid of stuff? You can buy strong replacements.
  3. Start a face mask routine: Now when the cold season sets in putting on face masks is off. However, when the hot, humid weather sets in, there is nothing better than giving yourself 20 minutes with a refreshing face mask.

Well that is all for now, I promise soon I will be back with more exciting material 🙂


Burberry Women’s Fragrance

FullSizeRender 2

Hello lovelies,

Here where I live it is a mighty gloomy day and it feels as if though I have not seen the sun in ages, nonetheless it is spring break so three cheers for that!

Today I have for you some thoughts on this Burberry  fragrance.

Now since I consider this my luxury perfume, I only wear it for special occasions, which I must say adds to the effect of its  “posh” feeling. If you are a person who loves to wear fruity and floral scents but nothing more, then I can say right off the bat this perfume is not for you. It definitely carries with it a more musky and sophisticated smell. Imagine men’s cologne and then imagine if something invented a women’s cologne, this would be it.

The other thing I really appreciate about this perfume is that the scent lasts. I can smell it lightly on my clothes a couple of days after the first initial spray and I adore it when that happens!

The packaging is also more svelte and easy to use and the “spray dispenser” gives you quite a generous amount with just one spray.

Overall, if you are looking for a posh scent to wear on special occasions I would definitely give this a go.


Weekly Favorites: 3.11.16

Hello lovelies,

Since today is Friday, I have a round up for you all on somethings that I have been loving, enjoy!

  1. Zoella Spring Makeup Tutorial: Spring is all about the light and neutral colors, this look by Zoella is perfect for a spring outing or everyday wear.
  2. Forever21: Forever21 has been killing it when it comes to spring fashion, if you haven’t already check out my post below to see some of my faves from the store. Cheap, affordable and cute? Uhhhh, yes please.
  3. Conor Maynard “Work” Cover: Now I’m not usually one to be obsessed with song covers, but this one just blows my mind AND I have it on repeat. Honestly, if you have not listened to it yet…why??????
  4. Military Welcomes: All of the tears man, all of the tears.
  5. 15 Beauty Hacks: Another YouTuber favorite this week was this video by Kaushal, she gives some of the best and cheapest hacks for the most annoying makeup problems!


Spring into Fashion



Hello hello lovelies,

So first off please excuse the cliche title, I simply couldn’t help myself. Here where I live spring did not even bother to creep up on us, nope sireee. Without warning we found ourselves springing into the next season, not that I mind.

One thing I am slightly peeved about however is my lack of clothing. The weather has been gorgeous and is supposed to get even warmer! Yet all I have in my college closet at the moment are sweaters and jeans. #college probz. I somehow managed to scavenge together today a skirt and skirt only to pair it off with knee high leather boots.

However, it is all good because soon it is spring break and I can swap out all my clothes.

I am also looking to expand my warmer weather closet (because why not?) So below I have some wardrobe related items which I thought all of you might enjoy, they’re affordable and definitely things I will keep an eye out for when I go shopping.  So keep your eyes out for a haul post 😉

Onto the clothing!

  1. Black pumps (Uppermost right hand corner): Now these most certainly did catch my eye and it is indeed something I will look for when I go to DSW, but I will admit I am not a huge  fan of the extreme pointed toe.
  2. Contemporary Shirt (middle of top row): This is an absolute need, the shirt looks so chic and would go perfect in  a black pencil skirt or light jeans. Plus the fact that it’s white and long sleeve means I will be protected from UV rays while walking on campus, this is a must!
  3. High Waisted Shorts (leftmost top row): I need shorts. I have not properly worn shorts since about –I was really young. The prime reason is I thought my legs were too “chicken”, however I can not deny how cute high waisted shorts look so I am going to take the plunge.
  4. Gladiator Sandals (middle): These are another must! I have not one pair of black sandals, not one pair!! Needless to say these speak to me.
  5. Rose printed came dress (bottom middle): I’m still iffy on this however, I could see myself wearing this to the harbor with a light cardigan on a summer evening.
  6. Olive Pleated Shirt (bottom left): SO CUTE MUST HAVE. This shirt would be so, so,so easy to dress up or down.
  7. White Camisole (middle right): This is absolutely adorable and with high waisted shorts or jeans would look golden.
  8. Black Gladiator Sandals (left column middle): Option 2 if nothing else works.

Now out of all of these there are a couple I definitely want to buy and those would be numbers 2,3,4 and 6. What are some of your favorite warm weather clothes?






Maybelline Creme Eyeliner

FullSizeRender 5

Hello lovelies,

Today I have another beauty product review for you all. This is on the Maybelline New York EYESTUDIO creme eyeliner.

Now as many of you probably know by now I am a Maybelline addict, a Maybelliner, a Maybelline fanatic, however you want to put it. Whenever it comes to eyeliners or mascara Maybelline is usually the first brand I look to.

Now a little bit of background on this eyeliner. It is the first makeup product I ever bought, so yes, this tiny little collection of makeup I have at home that is now growing? This was the first thing to go into it. Now another fact to be noted, I got this about 4 years ago and it is still going strong, despite the small size of the glass container.

Now on to the eyeliner itself. Back in the day I had no clue what a cat eye or winged eyeliner look was, I just tried to out line the shape of my outer lid (but hey it worked). This eyeliner comes with most easiest to use brush which is sure to give you precise lines no matter what style you choose to “draw”. Not to mention, this color comes on SUPER dark so it does an amazing job of making your eyes pop. Possibly the most fantastic thing ever? It is super hard to get off, if I am not mistaken the only thing which can get it off…baby oil.


Sephora Lipstick-It Girl


Hello lovelies,

This is my take on the shade “It Girl” by Sephora. Now this review is going to be a slighter shorter one than usual because each skin color will portray the lipstick differently.

However, my general take on this lipstick was it was not a bright red, in fact it took on more of an orangeish-red tone. That being said I do love the formulas of all Sephora lipsticks, they are creamy,matte, light feeling and the color seems to last forever.

If I had to pick between MAC, drugstore and Sephora, Sephora would definitely win!